write a two page paper based on the case

Eric Clapton was the enforcer of a large drug operation in Syracuse. Acting on an anonymous tip, police arrested Clapton just after he beat a competitor with a baseball bat. Clapton was charged with attempted murder, a felony. The District Attorney agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor on the condition that Clapton help law enforcement get evidence on his drug kingpin boss, Jimi Hendrix, to help take down the entire organization. Clapton agreed. Clapton’s assignment was to download a computer file which showed the dates, times, and places of cocaine shipments during the previous six months and for the next several months. The computer containing the file was located in Jimi Hendrix’s house. The police knew about the file from an undercover agent who had seen it, but he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A few weeks later, Clapton was invited to a party in Hendrix’s house. Clapton went into a bedroom, found the computer, downloaded the file, and gave it to the police. After reviewing the file, the police were able to figure out where Hendrix was going to make his next large purchase of cocaine. The police waited for Hendrix to make the purchase, then arrested him. The police had no other evidence from any other source nor were any witnesses likely to come forward because they feared retaliation from Hendrix and his crew. At the trial, Hendrix’s lawyer made two motions under the exclusionary rule to suppress the computer files and to suppress the cocaine. The prosecution opposed the motions.

Question: You are the law clerk for the presiding judge who must decide the motion. Your assignment is to write a memorandum to the judge as to whether either or both motions to suppress should be granted or denied. The memorandum must cite applicable legal principles, including the U.S. Constitution and relevant cases.

Add another case that relates to this case study that is posted above. Make sure refernce is attached.

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