write a report double spaced 2 pages

Assignment Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the work environment and the information systems in a large USA-based organization or company with more than 100 employees.

Assignment Specifications:

This assignment focuses on a brief research and learning about information systems that help with conducting business in a large company or organization in USA. For this assignment, you may choose an Information System that reflects an area of interest to you, based on your major and work aspirations. Once you have completed the tasks listed below, use Word 2016 to generate a report that adheres to report specification as shown below and in the attached Sample Report.


1. Choose one USA-based large company or organization with more than 100 employees. Explain why you chose this company or organization and how it relates to your interest and/or your major field of study.

2. Conduct a brief research to find out how information systems are used in the chosen company or organization.

3. List and describe at least three of the information systems used by the chosen company or organization.

4. From the above list of three information systems, choose one information system that reflects your major field of study and/or your interest. Explain why you chose this information system and how it relates to your interest and/or you major field of study.

5. Explain the benefits that the chosen information system is providing the company or the organization.

6. Determine if the chosen information system was acquired, or if it was custom developed by the company’s IT staff, or if it was acquired and then customized to meet the company’s needs.

7. Conclude by stating what you have learned from this assignment and how this assignment has impacted your view of information systems at work.

Report Specifications:

Use Word 2016 to generate a short report with the following specifications:

• The report body should be a maximum of two double-spaced pages (not including the cover page, table of contents, bibliography page, and appendices). See attached Report Sample.

• Use Arial font size 12 with 1” for all margins.

  • Include page numbers at the bottom right-hand side of each page.

• Use at least three different and recent sources, and use citation to credit sources of information. Do not use more than 2 short direct quotations.

• Cover page: The report should have a cover page that includes your name, course name and CRN, and date.

• Table of Contents (TOC): The report should have a table of contents showing page numbers for the rest of the report.

• Introduction. The report should start with an introduction section that introduces the research topics.

• Report Body: The body of report should contain compilation of the research findings.

• Conclusion: The report should end with a conclusion section that summarizes the research findings.

• Bibliography: The report should have a bibliography reference page that lists all citations and sources. Use APA format.

• Appendices: You may include any diagram, chart, or picture that is associated with the research (use citation to credit sources).

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