write a project about nursing salary and collect the data

Write a project about Nursing salary and collect the Data

MAT1140 Project Format and Outline

Introduction/ Objectives: What are the issues you are addressing in the analysis? What questions will you be answering? Describe your project.

Data: Where are the data from? How were they collected? What variables are being used for the analysis? What is your explanatory variable and what is your response variable. List the data in tabular form.

Exploratory Data analysis: What are the basic characteristics of the data? Any outliers? Make a scatter plot with appropriate scales. Plot the residuals. What is the correlation coefficient, r, and the coefficient of determination, R2 ?

Summary of Results:

What are the results of the analysis?

What were the assumptions of the analysis technique you used and were the assumptions met?

Make a plot of your best-fit line. State the equation of the line.

Use your results to make any predictions?

Discussion: What is your interpretation of the results? Does the interpretation make sense (in the real world)?


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