write a literary analysis paper on the book 1984 using a psychoanalytic point of view it is based off the book 1984

Task: Using a Psychoanalytic approach, analyze a theme or message from 1984. Be sure to include clear examples of the literary elements used to develop this theme.

What is a literary analysis?

· In a literary analysis, you write a formal paper in which you make an argument that you support with examples from and analysis of the literary text. For a detailed explanation, refer to last week’s packet.

What a literary analysis IS NOT!

· A paper exploring the relevance of the story to your own life. While your own experience will of course shape your writing style as well as the story you pick, you should not focus on personal life experiences or use them as arguments for your topic.

· A summary of the story.

· A summary of the class notes.


-1200 word minimum

-MLA Format ( size 12 Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, in-text citations, works cited page, double spaced, header)

-include 3 cited texts (Use Google Scholar)


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