write a discussion 156

Pick one of the topics below to discuss and include a live link to the supporting article. It is important to include information from the article in your post. If a colleague has already posted on a topic, you need to go on to the next one. No repetition, please. Post should not exceed 250 words, so it is important to organize your information.
1- The data for unemployment will be released on Friday (for the month of February) and you should analyze the information (too high? how many jobs were created? how does it reflect the state of the economy? compare to previous month)
2- Discuss the unemployment in California and in the Bay Area in particular.
3- Briefly explain the economic, social and political consequences of unemployment
4- Another student could add to what was mentioned above, add more consequences (you should be presenting 10 consequences overall)
5- Look at a country where inflation is very high (could be considered hyper-inflation). How did they get to that point? What is being done about it?
6- What are the consequences of inflation (economic, social and political)
7- History of inflation in the US.

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