write 2 responses

Choose two of the questions below and write a well-organized essay in response. Each essay should be 3 pages in length.

These should be formal essays with all of the proper components (PLESE INLUDE thesis, topic sentences, evidence, analysis, and conclusion) and they should adhere to standard English grammar, spelling, and mechanical conventions. Do not use any materials from outside of the course. These essays should reflect your own thoughts and work.

When quoting or referencing information from a text, you must provide a parenthetical citation with the author’s last name and the page number at the end of the sentence.

Ex.: Sari Nusseibeh informs the reader that his family traces their descent to a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (Nusseibeh, 16).

The question you have chosen to address should be clearly marked for each essay. Essays should be titled.


1) Write an essay comparing how two of the authors we studied in this unit (Delisle, Oz, or Nusseibeh) introduce their work on Jerusalem. What strategy did they adopt? How did it further the author’s purpose for writing and what effect does it have on the reader?

2) Based on the excerpts that we read, write an essay comparing Amos Oz and Sari Nusseibeh’s relationships with the past. What importance does the past hold for them and their sense of self? What past do they look to (recent past such as their own lives and that of their parents, long past earlier than their parents’ lives).

3) Choose two of the authors we have studied and write an essay comparing how they describe Jerusalem. What picture do they present of the city? What seems to define Jerusalem in their works?

4) In Guy Delisle’s graphic novel, Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, the narrator is an artist who has lived in various places around the world. How does he expect his experience in Jerusalem to be different from life in other places he has been? In what ways are his expectations accurate, and in what way are they completely inaccurate? Discuss why it is important that his expectations are both correct and mistaken.

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