write 2 1 2 pages single spaced times new roman 12 point font 1 inch margins on plate tectonics amp use two credible popular science or scientific journal articles

WRITE 2 1/2 PAGES (single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 inch margins): On Plate Tectonics & Use Two Credible popular science or scientific journal articles.

Don’t Forget To Include Question #3 below. You Can Use Any Idea You Come Up With For #3

****ONLY DO STEP 1****

Step 1, Thursday March 14 (5% of final course grade): Once you find something appropriate that interests you, write 2 pages (single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 inch margins):

1) Set a goal for the project! Make sure that you make this an obvious statement, underlined in the text.An example: “I would like to teach people in my home town Tucson, AZ about how glaciers in Greenland affect their lives.” Summarize the science in class and the two or more resources you are using in your own words and extending it to class and your experience (e.g., How might this research/knowledge be relevant to your life or impact society more broadly?Why did you find this particular topic interesting? What additional questions occur to you that might be interesting for further research?)

2) Tell us about the media you have picked. List out the generally accepted “best practices” for this media, citing at least one source (see links below for a start). This is important—there’s a difference between reposting an article online and making new content that draws people into a discussion about the science (and this is what we want!).

3) (HALF A PAGE)) Tell us how you will implement your project. Tell us your plan over the next four to five weeks, weekly goals and metrics, and when you’ll check up on your work. How will you reach 100+ people?

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