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Position Paper

In this assignment, you will use web-based data and reports to document an example of surveys on American values. The paper must list a minimum of 9 references in APA formatting at the end of the paper. The research paper must be written in third person (he, she it, they etc.) not first person (I me, us etc,). Third person suggests objectivity. Maintaining objectivity is important when writing a position paper in the social sciences.

Access the web-site below:


(1) Write a 4-6 page double spaced paper that address the following issues:

The Public Religion Research Institute the data represents a random sample of Millennial Americans (aged 18-35) who were respondents in the PRRI survey.

Choose one of the major topics, click on “Read the Analyses” and report findings presented in the PRRI website. Choose at least two of the major findings reported in the Analyses for that topic to discuss.

Present the findings and explain their significance using 9 sources that are Credible, Unbiased, Established and Authoritative (CUE).

(2) Organize your paper using the general format:

I. Introduction

II. Body/Narrative

III. Summary/Conclusion.

(3) In the Summary/Conclusion of your paper include a paragraph on the lessons you learned from topic and external material answering this question: What can be learned from my analysis that in some way explains the relationship between American values and the respondents’ attitudes about social issues?

(4) Use APA in-text citation formatting when referencing assigned material and include a list of sources in APA citation formatting at the end of the paper.

(5) Edit and submit to spell-check.

Rubric Assessment Part Four


All criteria in assignment instructions have thoroughly been met

Background or introduction/abstract

Contains all needed information in appealing to the reader.

Narrative with Evidence

Accurate and precise description of the issues and problems, with careful consideration of possible alternatives or solutions.

Provides relevant values’ examples.

Indicates the salient issues the examples highlight. Outstanding sources cited.

Portrays objectivity with evidence throughout.


Breaks the arguments, issues, into relevant parts.

Connections between the parts are clear, accurate, and articulate an impassioned yet objective critique/analysis.


Clearly written with 4 or fewer mechanical, grammatical, or spelling errors

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