why is the relationship between the analyst and policymaker so important

INTL402 Progress Assignment #3

For this assignment, you have the choice of two essays to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. The use of required texts and readings from this course is mandatory. In this assignment, you will show that you understand the coursework.

General Requirements

1. Document Format.

a. MS Word document

b. One-inch (1”) margins

c. Times New Roman font

d. Twelve (12) pitch

e. Double spaced

f. Length should be approximately 1,000 words.

2. Citation Format: Turabian. As stated in the Academic Integrity Briefings, information taken directly from another source must be placed in quotations and cited following the Turabian format contained in the week one “lessons” folder. You must cite all other information from your sources, even if you do not quote directly. DIRECT QUOTING SHOULD BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.

Answer ONE of the following questions. Be sure to use at least 5 scholarly sources to support your argument and use the proper citation format.

Question 1 – Analyst – Policymaker Relationship

Evaluate the analyst – policymaker relationship. Identify the analysts and the policymakers. Why is this relationship so important? What are its flaws and what must be done to improve the relationship overall?


Question 2 – NIE and the Analyst – Policymaker Relationship

Evaluate the importance of the analyst – policymaker relationship in intelligence analysis through choosing one of the following hypotheses and supporting your theory:

1) The NIE process currently serves the purpose of providing policymakers with the best intelligence.

2) The NIE process must be improved to better serve the purpose of providing policymakers with the best intelligence.

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