what is reflection


Review the learning outcomes listed below. Select four of them, and

reflect on how this course has helped you meet these objectives

professionally and/or personally.

Include a statement regarding the value of the information and what

can be gained regarding practices in psychology. Synthesize the overall

course findings into a concise description of global psychology

practices and solutions. Present your 500 word (minimum) reflection paper to the discussion forum.

Assignment Outcomes

Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through

interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor

Assess the major diagnostic categories of the DSM 5

Evaluate legal and ethical issues related to psychopathology

Consider the impact of culture and human diversity issues

Examine current research on the theory treatment and prevention of

mental illness

Explore the existing etiologic theories of psychopathology and the

supportive research when such exists

Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant

technologies applicable to psychology

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