week 5 final project mileston

To prepare:

  • Think about the revisions you need to make to the Final Project elements you submitted last week: problem statement, purpose statement, and research question(s).
  • Review your Assignment from this Module, in which you applied Figure 1.6 from the course text to research studies in a field that interests you. Think about how those analyses may inform your own research and writing.
  • Review the Discussion in this Module, in which you explained your framework and the alignment of problem, purpose, questions, and so forth. Think about how the feedback from your peers and the Instructor can help you enhance your framework and your rationale for the use of MMR.

By Day 7 of Week 5

Submit a five-page paper that includes the following components:

  • Revised versions of your problem, purpose and research questions. Be sure to identify revisions made on the work you submitted for the Module 1 Final Project Milestone.
  • A completed version of Figure 1.6 for your proposed study.
  • Justification of the use of MMR, based on the readings and on the peer feedback you received in the Discussion.
  • A conceptual framework appropriate for your study, and an explanation for your choice. Describe how the framework you chose informs your questions and your planned MMR approach.
  • Citations and References in APA.
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