week 4 discussion marcus pendleton

Respond by Day 5 suggesting additional steps that might be effective in bringing about necessary changes in individual and group viewpoints and behaviors.

Respond to Marcus as if you’re having a conversation with him. A few sentences and a question.

The police are one segment of the criminal justice system that has a direct relationship with the general public. Understanding the role of the law enforcement and its effectiveness requires consideration of police perception within that community particularly diverse communities in large cities. The media and other agitators play a major role in shaping the image of police officer within diverse communities leaving the relationship between the two sides strained at best (Crank, 2014). Improving perception would lead to improved relations between the police and the community which would increase the usefulness of law enforcement in these areas.

After considering the potential negative outcomes that can result from a fractured police and diverse community relationship, it’s imperative law enforcement administrators make changes for improvement (Millie, 2016). For law enforcement administration equal treatment, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender, is a culture that should be addressed inside and outside of police departments. The recruitment and promotion of qualified minority group members is essential in improving the perception of police officer in diverse communities.

Understanding and communicating with men and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds are essential for any law enforcement agency in a multicultural society . Law enforcement administrators should stress the importance of professionalism to their officers, ensure citizen’s complaints are conducted fair and thoroughly investigated by their office of professional standards, and develop strict policies to minimize inappropriate behaviors by police officers. Also, current police officers who are from diverse cultural backgrounds could serve as evidence to youth within those communities that it is possible to work in law enforcement and dispute all the negative attitudes and misconception they may have about law enforcement.

Simply inserting minorities into the existing culture of a police department is not the answer to addressing public mistrust against police officers. Even if law enforcement administration implements these changes it should be noted that the police cannot solve the problem of a poor relationship with a diverse population by themselves. Law enforcement administrators can develop and implement community programs and training geared toward improving relationships with a with a diverse group of individuals, but public cooperation is needed if these programs are to prove successful (Millie, 2016). How police and members of a diverse community interact with one another could lead to either a successful attempt by law enforcement administration in bridging the gap or an absolute disaster.


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Millie, A. (2016). Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement and Policing. Boca Raton: CRC Press

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