week 2 journal entry

Journal: Qualitative Research Journal

In most weeks of the course, you will be asked to participate in an ongoing journaling activity, which is designed to allow you some insight into the process of collecting qualitative data via a journal.

Last week’s entry was in video format. For this week’s Journal entry, you will use text (and optionally photos, drawings, etc.) to consider and respond to three prompts.

In your response, be sure to address all three of the following prompts:

  • Progress: What have you discovered about the development of your research topic and research problem? Discuss the link from your prospectus to the research problem that you will be working on in this course. Alternately, describe how and why you’ve changed topics.
  • Problems: What obstacles or challenges do you see in evolving your research question? Is it a question of doing more research and reading? Do you need to get more familiar with qualitative studies in your topic area?
  • Plans: Look toward the next week. What are your next steps for evolving your research question and choosing the approach to use for your Final Project in this course?

Your written response may incorporate visual aspects. It should fully address all three prompts.

By Day 7

Submit your completed Journal entry in the format most appropriate to your response style (Word document, PowerPoint, or other format).

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