week 10 discussion question in training and development



watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it

Hi Class, you made it to Week 10. If you have followed Taromina and played the role of Training Specialist’s then you can definitely be a valuable asset on our team! It was difficult work, but you pulled it all together. During the past ten weeks, you have been working very hard and proving your expertise. Kudos to you! Now for our last challenge.

How assessing the tangible or intangible barriers and occurrences that are causing another event to occur will help you in designing the right training opportunity.

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students Gina DiCrescenza and Lauren Vance.

Gina DiCrescenza

Training Session

Good morning class and Professor. This week we reviewed all the nine (9) steps how to develop our training session for our Call Center and they are as follows: 1 – Identified the problem, 2 – Identified strategies, 3 – Reviewed performance models, 4 – Reviewed common training topics, 5 – Defined training objectives, 6 – Projected the most effective course of action, 7 – Developed a training program, 8 – Proposed a plan for evaluation training and 9 – Reviewed five key area of organizational training.

Thank you for a great course I’ve really enjoyed here and in learning to identify all these key steps to be an effective manager to our staff. I feel that I have grown professionally and also personally and for that I thank you because knowledge is power!

Lauren Vance

Week 10

Hey Everyone

During this week’s scenario, we reviewed the steps needed to develop a training session and then discussed the most important part in determining the training topics and objectives.

Review of all the step that helped developed the training.

Step 1: Identified the problem affecting expected performance gap

Step 2: Identified strategies to improve sales performance

Step 3: Reviewed performance model

Step 4: Reviewed training topics

Step 5: Defined training objective

Step 6: Projective most effective course of action

Step 7: Development and implemented training program

Step 8: Proposed plan for evaluating the training

Step 9: Reviewed 5 keys of organizational training

The most important part of the training is determining the trigger event. Assessing the tangible or intangible barriers and occurrences that are causing another even to occur will help us in designing the right training opportunity. Know what is causing the issue in the business is key in determining what needs to be covered in the training course, to help improve business productivity.


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