watch the video and answer 2 questions

Watch the video “Moderating focus groups” (below), and answer the two questions below in a comment. Make sure go out and apply what you have learned in the video BEFORE answering question 2.

  1. Watch the first 7 minutes of the video. For your study, explain how you will set up your focus group. Identify “to do” items, necessary to have a successful session. Your answer needs to be 100-200 words long.
  2. After watching the video all the way through, go out and apply two of the techniquessuggested in the video during a focus group session. Briefly explain the two techniques, provide the minute in the video when the technique was discussed, and then report the effect of your application. If you don’t have any focus groups scheduled, apply the techniques in an informal group conversation, such as a classroom group discussion or a team meeting. Your answer needs to be 150-250 words long.

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