watch the documentary ivory tower 2014 by andrew rossi then find another outside text from library that agrees with rossi s stance disagrees qualifies or illustrates the argument being made

1) Check the Prompt in the attached file ( Read EVERYTHING on it because my professor is VERY specific.) if u have any Q’s. I can clarify for you

2) Watch the documentary. LINK :…

3) Fill out the Ivory Tower Map As your watching the documentary (Attached file BELOW)

4) Find another text from SDSU Library that AGREES or DISAGREES with the documentary. LINK:

5) – VERY IMPORTANT- Follow the OUTLINE guide for the paper (FILE ATTACHED BELOW). (My professor made it. if you follow it your life will be A LOT simpler doing this essay)

6) By the 8th of March. i need a small draft so we can discuss in class. just send me your progress then.

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