unit vi assignment osha bos 4025

please see attachment for Assignmen,

Machines have been a part of industry for hundreds of years. Machines offer many advantages over working by hand, most notably, the ability to run tirelessly. They are consistent and offer superior speed. Machines cannot discern between steel, plastic, or people, however, and after some time it was deemed wise to protect the human from the motion and actions of machinery. We examine machine guarding in this lesson. Because of the obvious hazards, it is no surprise that the standards in this Subpart O are consistently in the top 10 most frequently violated OSHA regulations.

Subpart R is also examined, and deals with special industries, companies that have unique hazards that are not addressed elsewhere. These are vertical standards as they apply to specific, named industries.

OSHA’s electrical standards are included in this week’s lesson. They essentially follow the National Electric Code, but also have a special section on electrical safety-related work practices. This section is concerned with the qualifications of persons who work with electricity and provides required safe working practices for such endeavors.

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