unit 3 written assignment

Clear workplace communication is critical to accomplishing the tasks associated with your job. However, other aspects of communication that affect your work life may be unrelated to the task at hand. How you communicate with your colleagues, customers, and clients can affect whether conflicts arise between you. Your communication style can help you achieve leadership roles, or, on the negative side, prevent you from receiving raises or promotions.

Conduct research to find at least two articles related to improving workplace communication. Using the response format and criteria, construct three to five paragraphs (200-300 words) that includes:

  • An outline of least five tips that you found to be most valuable or interesting from the articles.
  • Explain how you would apply this information in your field or future career.
  • Explain how you think the tip could be applied in different professional fields.

Response Format

  • Please use the ECPI Online Library, and credible online sources to conduct your research.
  • Use a reference list in your articles.
  • Your writing should demonstrate critical thinking and provide justification for your responses.
  • Writing is free of grammatical, spelling, and/or typographical errors.
  • Writing is clear and concise and presents a logical flow of ideas.
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