two steps for this discussion board

Below is a video (about 20 minutes) for you to view for this week’s discussion. This episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is from August 2016. Once you have viewed the video, contribute to this week’s discussion by discussing the 3-5 most interesting things you took away from this video, and why they are interesting to you. For example, did you learn something new?

You will respond to my initial thread. Your introduction, as all of your discussion posts this semester, should be 200-400 words.

* I will send you the link to the viedo

ALSO for this discussion you will need to Annotate the articles, using at least one method, such as highlighting, underlining, bold, etc. If using more than one method, it is important that you indicate what the different methods mean. For example, Bold=Words I Need to Look Up and Highlighting=Important Ideas.

Step 3: Include some notes/comments/questions–either in the margins or in a different font/color on the article as well. Your task is to prove you read the article thoroughly.

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