turn aesop fable into a script

For this assignment, you are to take a short Aesop Fable, “Everyone Agrees to Peace”, and adapt it for a Readers Theater (RT) presentation. You will decide how many readers you want, and where you will use solo readers, 2 voices, choral speaking, or any other choral speaking device shown on the sample page. You should include italicized stage directions which indicate simple movement (minimum of 2 places), gestures (minimum of 2 places), or a shift in your stage picture (minimum of 2 places). You should also notate, where important to your interpretation, how a certain piece of text should be delivered – ex. whispered, angrily, pleading, etc. (minimum of 2 places).

Be as creative as you like, inserting music, and/or sound effects. Feel free to repeat certain sections of text, add text, or shift the order of the original text to support a certain idea or emotional aspect of the story. However, as with all adaptation work, be careful to retain the flavor and rhythm of the original writing.

Double space your work, leave a wide left margin, and notate who is speaking on the left side of your script (The Script i

Everyone Agrees to Peace

(This is The fable below)

A sly fox tried to trick a rooster into coming down from his perch. “Brother Bird,” the fox said, “come down for a friendly chat!” No, said the rooster. “I’m sure you’d eat me.” “Oh, I wouldn’t,” said the crafty fox. “Haven’t you heard? Everyone has agreed to live in peace.” “Is that so?” said the rooster, who was just as crafty. Stretching his neck, the rooster pretended to look at something far in the distance.

“What are you looking at?” asked the curious fox. “Oh, just a pack of hungry fox hounds headed right this way.” On hearing this, the fox trembled in his tracks and ran off. “Come back!” crowed the rooster. “Why are you running away? I thought you said that everyone had agreed to live in peace.” “Well, perhaps those hungry hounds haven’t hear about it yet,” said the fox as he bounded away. (This is the fable)

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