truth functional logic short discussion

Initial Post Instructions
Consider some of the skills and knowledge you need to understand truth-functional logic. Forming the truth-functional claims means you have to have a good understanding of how English sentences are formed in order to convey accurate and precise meaning. Translating English sentences into symbolic language requires you to distinguish the parts of complex thought, put those thoughts into logical order, and make inferences from them.

For the initial post, address the following: Requirements:

  • Determine how abstracting the parts of a truth-functional statement forces you to pay strict attention to the meaning and the validity of its logic. To get you started, reduce this statement to truth-functional symbolic form:
    • “If I ask you to help me out, then I need your help; I need your help, so I must be asking for it.”
  • Connect these skills to the things you will be doing in your professional life.
  • require 1 textbook source + 1 scholar source
  • textbook source is : Jackson, D., & Newberry, P. (2016). Critical thinking: A user’s manual (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Professor example:

TO ALL: Not only is there a truth-functional worksheet worth 50 points that you will have to complete this week, there are questions on the final that relate to the material in this chapter.

You will need to know how to translate truth-functional claims into symbolic form,using letter and number symbols.

Example: Claim: D Either the care decelerates or G the motor is getting enough gasoline Symbolic form: D v G

D Either the car decelerates or G the motor is getting enough gasoline and the M motor is getting enough gasoline Symbolic form: (D v G) ^ M

That means you need to know when a truth-functional claim is in the form of a negation, conjunction, disjunction or conditional claim.

You will need to know truth-functional definitions, because they are used to form truth-tables, and you will need to know how to form a truth table. Truth tables are used to prove the validity of truth-functional arguments.

Don’t just regurgitate the text – go to the exercises and work the examples. If you are replying to another student, make sure your reply includes working an examples.

Look for my responses to your posts

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