thesis option

Assignment Instructions

In this Assignment, you need to formulate a research question/hypothesis that you will expand as your capstone research. It is necessary to accomplish this part early during the session to give the Approval Committee enough time to approve or propose an alternative topic. Submit your research proposal with at least five journal articles published within the last two years or industry publications (industry publications can be older than two years if they address standards) that would support your research question. In your journal and industry publications, identify relevant paragraphs or synthesize the relevant thoughts or gaps, as well as their importance, to support your research choice.

Thesis Option: Assignment Requirements

Points Possible

Points Earned

1. Developed a draft research question/hypothesis related to information technology. Identified the concepts, operationalized them with variables, and suggested the relationships.


2. Correctly identified 10 relevant articles to support the thesis.


3. Identified pertinent paragraphs to support the research question.


Total (Sum of all points)


Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or APA errors.

Adjusted total points

Please refer to the writing rubric in Course Resources to understand how spelling, grammar, and APA deductions are assessed.

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