the premium forest products case jdi supply chain case competition

For this case just need to write Case introduction and Brief summary of the case.

The main focus of your report should be the questions that Ella Trevor faces:

Which vendor(s) should the contract(s) be awarded to? How will emergencies be addressed? What leverage can be used to negotiate the best overall agreement?Is there a better way that historical data can be analyzed to better forecast predicted demand?

Before you can answer these questions, however, you should be clear about three more fundamental questions (which you may or may not want to discuss in your report):

What happened? Why did it happen? How can it be prevented from happening again?

Be sure to include supporting arguments in your written report. With larger font and reasonable margins.You should properly cite all references that you use.(The Bachelor of Commerce Co-op Program recommends APA as its standard citation style. More on the APA style)

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