the legal and regulatory context for managers

Read Contracts on Chapter 8 and 9 of your text and powerpoint. Answer the following questions and label your answers accordingly: Each answer must be at least one paragraph, each paragraph containing at least 5 sentences. You may write more than this minimum requirement.

1. On July 1, 2010, Andre, a computer engineer, orally contracts with UGA Construction Company to provide computer support services for innovations UGA wishes to institute. Under the contract, Andre is to provide the services to UGA from January 2, 2011 to September 1, 2011. Andre begins work as scheduled, but is terminated by UGA without explanation on April 11, 2011. When Andre sues UGA Construction Company for breach of contract, UGA’s defense is that the contact is not enforceable because it is oral. Is this a good defense? Explain.

2. Linda O. organizes an office betting pool at her workplace for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Gambling is illegal in the state. Everyone contributes $25, winner take all. When Chris wins the pool, Linda refuses to give Chris the money that Chris won, well over $1200. When Chris sues Linda for breach of contract to collect her money, Chris loses. Explain.

3. On March 4, Gloria calls Sheffield, Inc., and inquires about cleaning services for her office building. Kim Sung gives Gloria an offer over the phone and says he will send the contract over for her to sign. When Gloria receives the contract on March 6, she immediately signs it and puts it in the mail. A few hours later Gloria finds out she can have the work done elsewhere for cheaper, and faxes a rejection to Sheffield. Sheffield receives the signed contract on March 12. As per the contract, Sheffield employees show up on March 15 to clean Gloria’s office building. Gloria refuses to let them enter the premises, and says there is no contract between Gloria and Sheffield because she rejected it. If Sheffield sues Gloria for breach of contract, who wins, and why?

4. Weinstein, Inc., orders four Lear jets from Johnson Aerospace Co., for an agreed price of $295,000 per jet. The contract for the purchase of the jets is 10 pages long, with complete specifications as to instrumentality, capacity, interior decor, etc. When Weinstein gets ready to sign the contracts, it notices that the color for the cloth on one jet’s seats is “#301, Meadow Green.” The color is supposed to be “#306 Forest Green.” Weinstein calls Johnson and discusses the matter and signs the contracts after Johnson said the seats would be “Forest Green.” Satisfied that the seats would be the correct color, Weinstein signs the contracts as is, and does not note the change on the contract. When the jets are delivered, the seats are “Meadow Green” not Forest Green.” When Weinstein sues Johnson, what happens?

5. Archie has been trying to get a contract to handle a very large, very prestigious account. Unbeknownst to him, his friend Ku mentioned him to the owner of the company he was trying to deal with. Archie later receives a call from the owner of the company asking if Archie could take on the account, which Archie agrees to do. When Archie calls Ku to tell him the good news, Ku tells Archie of his conversation with the owner. Archie tells Ku that he is so thankful for what Ku did, he wants to give $50,000 to Ku’s favorite charity. When Ku later calls to give Archie the name of the charity, Archie says he has decided not to give the money. When Ku sues Archie for breach of contract, who wins and why?

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