the directions are in the description below

Directions: You are to write a C++ program that meets the instruction requirements below.


  • Your C++ source code file. (The file with the .CPP extension). No other files will be accepted.
  • A screenshot of your program running.

Program Instructions:

Consider the following program segment:

//include statement(s)
//using namespace statement

int main()
//variable declaration

//executable statements

//return statement


  1. Write a C++ statement that includes the header file iostream.
  2. Write a C++ statement that allows you to use cin, cout, and endl without the prefix std::.
  3. Write C++ statement(s) that declare the following variables: num1, num2, num3, and average of type int.
  4. Write C++ statements that store 125 into num1, 28 into num2, and -25 into num3.
  5. Write a C++ statement that stores the average of num1, num2, and num3, into average.
  6. Write C++ statement(s) that output the values of num1, num2, num3, and average.
  7. Compile and run your program.
  8. Include your name (Robert Woodley), course as a comment at the top of the program.
  9. Comment each line of the program explaining what lines does.

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