the atlanta exposition

REPLY to someone else’s Historical Analysis in a Forum

Your reply must engage with one of the post found in the Forum. I recommend that you read them all and reply to post that do not have a reply yet. (Do not worry if once you are done, it has a reply. Just added to the same thread).

Before responding to a post, read the chapter and the primary source with the post in mind. Think of your reply as a conversation with the other student about a subject you both know.

There is no one way to go about it:

1) Your argument can expand on the original post in a new direction.

2) Your argument can disagree with the original post by using specific examples and propose an alternative view. Respect is key here.

3) Your argument can provide a historical reflection of the historical period inspired by the original post.

  • Content: Focus only on the week’s materials: the assigned chapter and primary sources. (Do not include personal anecdotes or examples not related to the week’s materials).
  • Argument: Your reply or answer is also an argument that needs to be developed. Reading the Chapter carefully will help you to engage in this conversation by outlining the main ideas and key terms.
  • Sources: In the development, support your argument by analyzing the primary source discussed in the original post.


WORD COUNT: Your reply must be between 200 and 250 words. Add word count at the end. There will be a 5-point penalty for submissions between 200-220 words. Submissions under 200 words will not be graded.

QUOTES: Do not use quotes. I encourage you to identify useful quotes and to paraphrase them. Think of paraphrasing as retelling what the quote means in your own words.

CITATIONS: Cite the primary and secondary sources by adding the author’s last name in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. Citations do not count towards the word count.

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