survey details and data analysis

In at least 2 pages, describe the following survey details:

  • Develop five survey questions asking for information in regards to your research questions.
    • You can choose open-ended questions for interviews or close ended questions for surveys.
  • Determine what media you will use for the distribution of your survey/interview.
  • Send the survey questions you developed to at least 5 people. Considering using your classmates as survey participants. Include your instructor as a 6th person.
    • Surf the Internet for free survey programs. Limit your survey to a specific time frame such as 5 or 7 days, as you will be using the results later in the project

  • The Project is on “how Law enforcement can be more accountable and how we can eliminate police misconduct’
      • Please focus the research around Police Use of Force and the Public’s reaction to excessive force
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