sports training


  1. Internship Goals/Learning Objectives (SPORTS TRAINER) Please list and provide a detailed explanation of the goals/learning objectives developed for your Internship fieldwork during Module 2. In so doing, your objective assessment of EACH goal MUST include an evaluation of whether or not you achieved said goals. Each goal/objective cited here should also be supported by some legitimate explanation of the specific outcome, namely provide details of the work performed to achieve the objective. If you have NOT achieved your individual objectives for the internship, then please explain why, as well as how you may be able to achieve said goals in the future.
  2. Critical Thinking/Logical Reasoning/Problem Solving Skills ApplicationPlease cite at least one example of how you employed critical thinking, logical reasoning, or problem solving skills to resolve an issue or complete a difficult task related to your internship. In so doing, please explain each of the following:1) What was the underlying issue?
  3. 2) What alternative options were available to resolve the issue? Please explain each in detail, as well as the option you eventually chose.
    3) How would you assess the effectiveness of your strategy? Implementation of solutions?

III. Management/EvaluationofDiversity

Please provide an assessment of employee diversity at your internship. For purposes of thisassignment, “diversity” refers to the race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, and education background of employees at your internship site. In the event that your internship organization maintains a limited number of employees, then you are to provide this diversity assessment of the customer base. Please respond to each of the following:

  • ï‚· Describe forms of diversity encountered
  • ï‚· Describe any specific policies/guidelines for managing diversity at your internshiporganization? This refers to the organization’s hiring practices, level of communication(employer-employee and employee-employee) among diversity factors (race, ethnicity, sex/gender, etc.) outlined above.
  • ï‚· What, if any, recommendations would you make for improvement in managing diversity issues and opportunities?IV. AnalysisofInterconnectionBetweenCourseofStudy,InternshipExperience,andCareerPrepPlease discuss the relevant connection between the materials/resources presented in your sport management courses to date, including this Graduate Internship course, and your experience as an intern. Your response should be supported by specific concepts and/theory studied, which is applicable to your internship, or sport industry career opportunity sought.
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