single sex education is not useful argumentative essay

Write an essay that argues why single sex education is no longer useful and back it up with three different claims on why. In addition to that, find two opposing views that will help refute the opponents argument (I will list claims and opposing views to go off of below). Then, make concluding statements in refutation of the counter-argument. Find evidence for each of the claims and use 4 different library sources from websites like ProQuest and EBSCO. For the introduction paragraph, make sure to create a strong hook. Be aggressive with the argument and do not make it sound too factual. Please do not repeat too many phrases as well, except some in the conclusion of course. I would like it to be a full 4 pages if possible but 3 1/2 will work as well. Write in size 12 font, Times New Roman.

Claims: (Find evidence)

1. The teaching styles promoted by the supporters of single-sex education are ineffective or detrimental to certain males and females with special needs.

2. Single-sex education limits the opportunity for students to co-exist and work cooperatively with their opposite-sex counterparts.

3. Students in single-sex education don’t perform better than those in co-education programs when it comes to the major subjects.

Opposing views: (Find evidence)

1. Single-sex education reduces pressure on students.

2. Single-sex education improves the concentration of students in their studies.

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