self professional development career plan

Career plan

I need 2-3 pages for this HW. I give you some information to help you to do it.

The plan will Include the four points. I will be teacher Arabic language in Saudi Arabia the next three years.

  • Goal What I where to be in next 3 years
  • Preparation Prerequisite Qulin fictions
  • Actions to be taken.
  • Assessments on each step

things to think about:

Where am I now as teacher?

Where do I want to be Three years from now?

What responsibilities will I have to take as teacher leader?

How can I prepare myself to be a teacher leader?

What roles will I be expected to play as teacher leader?

bridge to connect administrators and teachers

curriculum decision-making

Instructional leadership

Leadership in effective teaching

Model of learning from students

Help others to grow professionally

Peer coaching

plan ahead

To fail to plan is to plan to fail (Bartlett, 1992)

Why plan?

Length of planning time?

How to plan? Types of plan (incremental vs. comprehensive, child- vs. knowledge-oriented, single vs. multilayers)?

Things to be included (purpose, structure, assessment, alternative, etc.)?

Review process (how often, reviewers)

Roles of teacher as leaders

•Bridge to connect administrators and teachers

•curriculum decision-making

•Instructional leadership

•Leadership in effective teaching

•Model of learning from students

•Help others to grow professionally

•Peer coaching

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