see the description 43

The topic is: Fingerprints

I need you to do an outline and the paper.

The topic is: Fingerprints

The purpose of this paper is to develop an argument on a specific topic and provide persuasive support for your thesis, using strong reasoning and clear evidence. Sources obtained through research on a specific topic should be expanded upon and developed into a formal, well-written, persuasive research paper. A formal research paper will follow certain grammatical conventions not found in less formal writing styles, such as reaction papers, film reviews, etc.

Audience: an academic audience and all others interested in the topic

Purpose: develop an argument and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasoning and clear evidence.

Length: 8-10 typed pages (see general instructions above)

Format: APA Style

Topic Selection: The topic for your research paper can be your choice of any substantive or theoretical concepts in the field of forensics/crime scene investigations.

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