section one problem identification

Action Research


Throughout this course, you will create an action research proposal. While not required, the action research proposal could be used to obtain permission from your school or organization to conduct your research. You must create a practical action research proposal using information and data that you collect from your own school or district or from a school or district with which you are familiar.

Note: Consider publicly available information from your school, district, or state.

You will develop your Action Research Proposal in four sections:

Section One: Problem Identification (Due Week 3) 1

Section Two: Problem Documentation and Literature Review (Due Week 5) 1

Section Three: Solution Strategy (Due Week 6) 2
Four: Outcomes and Evaluation (Due Week 7) 3

This is what needs to be done this week

Section One: Problem Identification (Due Week 3)

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following information:

Area of focus

Problem statement should:

begin with: “The problem is…”

be clear and focused

involve teaching and learning

address a problem you have the ability to personally influence

be something you feel passionate about

read as an “if/then” statement


The problem is accommodations and modifications of special education students are not being implemented effectively by the regular classroom teachers. Upon narrowing of the problem, an intervention will be implemented.

Problem description should:

describe the problem statement in greater detail

include possible difficulties you may encounter

include reasons why the problem has not been addressed

include a rationale for selecting action research to address the problem

Purpose of the project

Why you picked this topic and how you relate to it

How this topic influences or is influenced by your role in your current setting

What you expect to accomplish

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