role of the counselor in the community

Discussion Question: Role of the Counselor in the Community

Nine-year-old Wanda’s teacher notices that for the past few weeks, Wanda has not been talking to her friends and is always sitting alone in a corner. After talking to Wanda’s friends, the teacher finds out that Wanda’s 16-year-old brother was killed in a gang war two months ago and her parents have since separated. The teacher talks to Daphne, a counselor, to see if there is anything she can do about Wanda. She wants to know if there is any way in which children and families affected by exposure to violence can be assisted with emotional impact of these events. The teacher also asks Daphne, in the role of a counselor, to call Wanda’s parents to see if they would be willing to talk with her about the death of their son, their separation, and Wanda’s behavior at school. Daphne is not employed or affiliated with the school.

What would be Daphne’s role, as a counselor, in helping the teacher?

What do you see as important roles of a counselor working in a community?

What are the ethical responsibilities that counselors and human service professionals hold toward the community? When answering this question identify the ethical code number and definition, using your own words, of the ethical responsibilities of these professionals.

Briefly speak to how you, as an ethical counselor, would respond to the teacher’s request for you to speak with Wanda and her family.

Discussion Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Initial Discussion Response


Discussion Participation


Writing Craftsmanship and Ethical Scholarship








Initial Discussion Response *

Initial response:

·  Did not relate to the concepts or ideas presented in the discussion topic(s)

·  Claims were not supported.

Initial response:

·  Lacked substance

·  Was not original

·  Relied on personal experience only to support ideas

Initial response was:

·  Original and accurate

·  Substantive

·  Demonstrated basic understanding of concepts

·  Discussed key theories and concepts from the readings

Initial response was:

·  Insightful

·  Original and accurate

·  Substantive and

·  Demonstrated advanced understanding of concepts 

·  Compiled/synthesized theories and concepts drawn from a variety of sources to support statements and conclusions.

Discussion Participation *

Discussion Responses:

Were off-topic or irrelevant to discussion.

Discussion Responses:

Contributed a few points of view but mostly repeats information posted by others.

Discussion Responses:

·  Contributed to the discussion offering points of view and/or opinions,

·  Did not make clear connections between one or more points in the discussion.

Discussion Responses:

·  Offered points of view supported by research

·  Asked challenging questions that promoted discussion

·  Drew relationships between one or more points in the discussion.

Writing Craftsmanship and Ethical Scholarship *

·  Demonstrated little attempt to organize thoughts

·  Writing was not clear, concise and formal.

·  Writing contained numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and/or sentence structure that severely interfered with readability and comprehension.

·  Information from sources was not paraphrased and attribution of sources was lacking.

·  Demonstrated some attempt to organize thoughts

·  Writing was not clear, concise and/or formal.

·  Errors in spelling and grammar somewhat interfered with readability and/or comprehension.

·  Information from sources was paraphrased and cited, but major errors were present. 

·  Wrote in a clear and organized manner

·  Writing was not concise or formal in language.

·  Writing followed conventions of spelling and grammar throughout.  Errors were infrequent and did not interfere with readability or comprehension.

·  Information from sources was paraphrased and cited, but minor errors were present. 

·  Wrote in a clear, concise, formal and organized manner. 

·  Responses were error free.

·  Information from sources was paraphrased appropriately and accurately cited.

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