rhetorical analysis criteria

ENG 121 Essay #2 Rhetorical Analysis

This essay must be 3 to 5 pages in length (essays longer than 5 pages will NOT be penalized) and must demonstrate a thorough understanding of your selected subject and be thesis-driven. The following basic criteria must be met for ‘B’ or above:

  • Correct MLA formatting and citation.
  • The introduction explains the central issue or problem addressed, summarizes the writer’s position and main points, provides context about the writer/speaker, and describes the rhetorical situation (i.e. audience, purpose, and genre), not necessarily in that order.
  • Clear thesis at the end of the introduction forecasts the structure of the essay and makes a claim about the rhetorical strategies at work in the subject.
  • The body paragraphs must thoroughly support your thesis using evidence from the text along with your analysis. These paragraphs must follow MEAL with a clearly stated main idea and link that connects directly back to your thesis.
  • The conclusion reiterates your position and main points and does NOT add any additional supporting points or evidence.
  • Correct grammar used throughout with only minor errors that do not interfere with the reader’s understanding.
  • Submitted to D2L on time or you’ve communicated with me PRIOR to the due date and sent me your material so far.
  • The draft accounts for 10% of your final essay grade.

To earn an ‘A’, you must demonstrate an advanced understanding of and engagement in in the essay and the broader contest of the issue.

This was approved by the teacher:

Essay #2 Draft Thesis & Supporting Points

Thesis: In the short story “Virgins” by Danielle Evans uses her own experience and uses Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to appeal to her audience

Supporting Points:

1. Her word choice as well as description is one way, she could be telling about her own experience

2. By publishing this story, she’s using her POV along with ethos, pathos, and logos, to spread the word in this era

Essay needs Ethos,Pathos and Logos

Must be 3 pages Long

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