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Taking an Inside look, from the Outside

A police force that is overworked and understaffed is truly a recipe for disaster.Combating low morale and the obvious want to be on some kind of disability not only hurts thecommunity, but your other officers as well, because someone has to pick up the workload that

they have left behind, and it’s going to be you.

 One of the first


 that Captain Strong should undertake is locating to the rootcause of the problems at hand. By Captain Strong determining the source of the problems, sheis able to determine what counter-measures would work for this particular situation. Point incase: the patrol officers feel as though their job is very dissatisfying, and overburdening. CaptainStrong could identify what is making the patrol officers feel as like their job is not what it oncewas. This could be caused by the fact that the department is severely understaffed, or that notenough patrol officers are on a cover shift at the same time. By asking for more funding fromthe city or county, they could easily fix this problem with the addition of 3 to 5 more qualified patrol officers. Captain Strong has the power to authorize overtime for the officers that arecurrently on duty, or simply allow officers to go on patrol with a partner as opposed to alone.This particular approach will be a huge increase for morale amongst the department and for all


 patrol officers, and at the same time be a reduction in overall workload, as well as take away thedissatisfying aspect of the job.The patrol officers concerns about the job and morale call for motivational strategies that are preplanned out to turn into a success instead of a failure.


By allowing officers to take theirlunches at the same time, allows two stressed out comrades to talk out their stress amongst eachother before returning to the streets


(University of Phoenix, 2006) . By doing this you areguaranteed to see a reduction in on the job stress, and a rise in job morale for every shift.

According to the E.R.G. theory, along with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there are three

categories that influence a workers behavior: Existence needs, Relatedness needs, and Growthneeds. With existence needs one needs the physiological and safety needs to be fulfilled (i.e.hunger, thirst and sex) where hunger and thirst on the job are most important, having the need ofsex fulfilled on the job will most likely result in one of Captain Strongs officers begin suspended,or fired. With the relatedness needs, the social and external esteem shape the officers behaviorwhile on duty. Having more involvement with ones fellow officers (i.e. taking lunch breaks atthe same restaurant at the same time) help to create a bond that other-wise would not have achance to flourish under the current policy in place.


With the growth need of internal esteem


and self-actualization the desire to be creative and productive, and productive with


 tasks helps to build a sense of self-worth. Giving officers an additional task within their dailyroutines allows for that self-worth to grow. Giving officers the chance to stop by local schoolsand patrol, breaks from their normal routine, and gives them the sense of fulfilling somethingother than that which caused their dislike for the job in the first place


. (“Summary Of Existence,Relatedness, Growth Theory”, 2013). If Captain Strong can recognize the conditions at an earlystage, she can enact steps to be taken, to fully satisfy the frustrated needs of her officers, untilthey are able to pursue growth on their own again (purpose, direction, and motivation).When considering change, Captain Strong will have to face job enrichment and jobgrowth issues. With job enrichment, you are implying that there needs to be an improvement ofactivities on the job currently being performed by the officers, or adding the ability to create personally satisfying changes to the work that is already being done. Creating more flexibleworking hours, and getting the officers more active in the community can promote morale boosts, and a more satisfying feeling of your job. Job enlargement simply implies that you areexpanding the current duties of the officers, or simply put giving them more work, when they can barely handle what is on their plate to begin with. Enriching the job you are doing is most likely


the best bet for Captain Strong to bring her department back together, and working together as ateam. Although there are many factors to consider in enacting all of the changes, sitting downwith the officers who will be affected by the change is the best first step that any leader canmake.ReferencesSummary of Existence, Relatedness, Growth Theory. (2013). Retrieved from of Phoenix. (2006). Building Better Teams Through Management. Retrieved fromUniversity of Phoenix, BUS560 website

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