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Some interesting things I took away from the lecture and video were the three eras that ignited Judaism. Each era was one filled with suffering, through slavery by way of Egyptians, the Babylonians intolerance and the Persians trying to get rid of Jews. I learned their suffering didn’t just begin with the holocaust. They have been targeted for years even before the belief that the Jews killed Jesus. The tension dates all the way back to Moses.

Another takeaway I got from the lecture and video was that Abraham was apart of the beginning of the monotheistic belief as he was the first to introduce and practice it publicly. I find it interesting that the tug of war between the Palestinians and the Israelites is still an ongoing battle and it all starts with the Holocaust. If it weren’t for their suffering during the Holocaust in 1946, the Jews would not have been given Israel. The Palestinians believe it was unfair for the Jews to be given their land, but I think what isn’t being understood is like what was said in the lecture, nobody wanted the Jews. They had nowhere to go, so they were given that land. It’s wrong for it to have been taken away from the people that were inhabiting it, but they needed to be put somewhere. The current situation between Palestine and Israel is a difficult situation and I believe the history and story of the Jewish people is one that is very complex, but one major thing that I gathered from the lecture and video that gave me a better understanding of the Jewish people was that their suffering dates back to the beginning of their faith. I think the Jewish faith is one that is misunderstood and their people are also misunderstood and misrepresented. Sadly antisemitism is still an ongoing issue, but I believe it is getting better.

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