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Hello Dr. O’Neal, and Classmates,

In analyzing the population growth, research states that the population between 2014 and 2060 will increase from 319 million to 417 million, reaching 400 million in 2015 (Colby and Ottman,2015 ). This expansion is projected over the 20th century. The U.S. Census reports that the population will grow more slowly due to the fertility rate, and international migration decreasing. The National projection was based upon age, sex, race, country of birth, death, and international migration (Colby and Ottman,2015 ). There are a few factors involved in giving a projection of a population. These factors are future births, deaths, migration, historical trends, along with policy decisions (Colby and Ottman,2015 ). The state where I reside, South Carolina, the population growth rate is as follow for

2010 … 4,625,364

2011 … 4,670,000

2012 … 4,720,000

2013 … 4,770,000

2014 … 4,820,000

2015 … 4,890,200 ( Statista, 2018 ).

In an ever growing populations, expansions are needed to meet the needs of society. Social needs (problems ) “ are most likely to come from highly motivated social entrepreneurs running enterprises based within the communities that they serve “ (Heap and Davison, 2013 ). It is noted that funding for this service is limited, therefore it leaves a space in the market for social finance. There are three (3) main source of funding 1) Builder Finance 2) Grants, and 3) Social (expansion) Finance (Heap and Davison,2013 ). Of course there is always that sector that will criticize innovations, and say it can be a risky investment, however that’s life.


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