research proposal help 2

I need assistance completing my research proposal on treatments for patient with opioid dependence. The topic chosen encompassed one of the programs within one of the following areas: Community, ministry, school, or mental health as it relates to the family. The paper must be 10 pages for the body. A title page, abstract and reference page are required and are in addition to the 10 pages. A minimum of 10 peer reviewed scholarly sources should be integrated. The date of sources should be within the last 10 years. I need to have the outline below included for the assignment. I already have 6 full pages of content, I have just kind of hit a wall. So I need someone that can read my paper and add to it so that it can be at least ten pages long, a minimum of 4 pages. I will provide the rubric and the assignment requirements as well as access to my school’s online library.

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