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Assignment Details

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words)

  • Research food deserts and the factors that contribute to their formation.
  • Share the results of your research with your classmates by presenting the 2 most critical (in your opinion) issues that cause food deserts.
  • After presenting your 2 critical factors to your classmates, put your food industry professional hat on (so to speak), and present 3 detailed remedies that cities could implement to solve the issue of food deserts and to improve the people’s lives who are affected by the issue.
    • Using your creativity and business sense, develop remedies such as tax incentives, public–private partnerships, or nonprofit ventures that could bring real progress on this issue.

Incorporate at least 1 link to an outside source with use of proper APA citations.

Modern diets, rich in fat and sugar, have partly led to a society with major health issues due to high levels of obesity, which has plagued both minor and adult populations. Among the factors contributing to the rapid rise in obesity is the issue of food deserts. Food desert-dwelling consumers—for a variety of reasons such as income, geography, and public transportation—are forced to rely on what the market offers. In food deserts, many consumers fall into the trap of focusing on convenience food because of being undereducated about nutrition and health.

Discussion Board Reminders:

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