research and evidence support the need for a change 1

Research and Evidence: Support the Need for a Change

In this assignment you will find evidence from the literature or research supporting the need for your proposed change project.

Find a minimum of three original research articles to support your project.

Provide a 350 word summary for each article (a summary of 350 words for each article). Each article must be:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Recent (published within 5 years)
  • Statistically significant

Complete the tables from Appendix E: Research Evidence Appraisal Tool and Appendix F: Non-Research Evidence Appraisal Tool from Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Models and Guidelines, and, attach to your paper. You may copy the tables, or, attach your work as a Word document.

Include PDFs of the three articles as well as a reference page with an APA-formatted citation for each article. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

I have uploaded the articles that you need.

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