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Cloud computing can consist of any number of different components, capabilities, functions, and resources, each meeting particular business needs. This course includes a course-long project in which you will submit regular assignments leading to the final submission at the end of the course. This project will identify and address a particular business need and propose a migration to cloud services that fit that need. Throughout the course you will write and submit individual components of the overall proposal, following the directions provided. These submissions will be combined in to a single, cohesive and professional document to be submitted as your final for the course.

For your first assignment, select a business (either the one you work for now, or one with which you are familiar), and determine what services are currently provided in-house which may benefit from migrating to a cloud service. Examples may include data storage for collaboration and file sharing (Sharepoint), email, web services, server virtualization, etc. Research potential benefits associated with the proposed cloud service. Write a brief 1-page introduction to this organization, their current environment, and what your proposed cloud migration plan will be. This initial submission does not need to be in APA format, but must include the components identified.

Week1 answer was PFA of the document with this description name as assignment 1

Building on your initial business justification from week 1, for week 3 write a 3 page APA formatted paper addressing migration requirements. The specific migration requirements will depend on the cloud service you are proposing, as each service will have different requirements. For example, if you are proposing cloud storage and collaboration, considerations may include storage space requirements, cost, user access rights, content management, disaster recovery planning, service level agreements (SLA’s), etc. Include an overall idea of the timeline and cost required to migrate. Support your proposal with at least two external citations and references.

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