remedial learning and service learning

Choose a general education class that most students take (for example, freshman composition, college algebra, psychology, sociology, and so forth). Describe, in 500 to 800 words or in a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, how you would incorporate service learning into the course to improve student learning of the course materials. Be sure to include the following components:

  1. Type of service
  2. Number of hours required
  3. How you would integrate it into the curriculum
  4. Type of reflection you would use

To support your work, you should draw from several of the readings pointing to examples of how service learning might work in this course. You may also include other references that help support your proposed course of action. In total, you should cite at least four sources to support your proposal. Be sure to explain why you chose to incorporate service learning in the way that you outlined.


This Assignment should be a 500 to 800 word paper or a 10-12 slides PowerPoint presentation. Either format should include six sections: Introduction, Type of Service, Number of Hours, Curriculum Integration, Reflection, and Conclusion.

Follow the most current APA style guidelines for formatting, citations, and references.


Draw from the readings to develop your plan for incorporating service learning into a general education course. Include at least four sources.

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