reflection paper 1 2

Reflection Paper 1

During your reading you will be learning about Urbanization and well as the introduction of politics at the Turn of the Century in the United States .

This is the beginning of the story about the United States becoming a dominant, industrial power in the world.

You have also learned about American Industrialization in History. We read about factories coming up and the general city lifestyle undergoing a dramatic shift.

Here we will learn more about this shift from a literary perspective.
Rebecca Hardings’ short story “Life in the Iron Mills” is one of the most popular works depicting the factory world of the nineteenth century. This short story was published anonymously in 1861 and later became known as one of the masterpieces of time.

Here is a URL for the story. You can copy and paste this in your browser window. Or you can click on the link below and open in a New Window.

Read the story and then go to the Reading Response link below.
Respond to the prompt there in a 1 – 2 page essay. This paper should be written in MLA format and must be double-space.

Since this is the first RR I would like to give you an idea of what is expected. When you have finished reading the story and are ready to write a reaction, go ahead and click open the link for RR1.

You will see a prompt asking you to write about a certain thing.
Take your time and read and understand the prompt. The Reading Responses are NOT timed. You can take as much time as needed.

I would recommend writing the response in a Word document so you can save a copy for yourself. Once you have finished the response just copy and paste it in the box.

Please remember that the RRs are a one time thing. So do not close the window until you are ready to submit. Do not save the answer. Just submit!

In case you get locked out or run into problems just email us.

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