reference list 2

The summative paper for this course requires you to select a contemporary government or non-profit sector leader and develop a critical review and research–supported position in which his or her leadership behaviors are discussed and his or her contributions to society/organization are explored.

This assignment also provides opportunities for you to continue to refine your scholarly toolkit in relation to the identification of and the application of sourcing of scholarly research and manuscript development using APA (6th) form and style.

First, identify a contemporary government or non-profit sector leader and provide a one paragraph biography for review and approval by your Instructor. Note: the Instructor may reject the selection based on non-relevance for the course topic. Selection of an alternative leader will then be required. You may NOT select Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for your Final Project due to upcoming classroom content and discussions.

Second, identify at least 10 scholarly references(the university library or google scholar ) to be used in your Final Paper. Each of your scholarly references must have been published within the last 5 years. These scholarly references should be related to your leader or some aspect of the leadership traits/analysis/recommendations intended for your Final Project. Limit the use of textbooks. Resources provided in the classroom, such as journal articles, books, and web-based materials do NOT count in the required 10.

Third, share at least two of your scholarly references and the location of the database in which you found them. Provide the APA citation for the article, and describe any challenges you experienced while searching for your references.

Complete the Reference List in correct APA 6th form and style. Review this week’s Learning Resources containing an APA template, tips, and examples of a reference list. Use

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