recommendation on behalf of teacher

Requirements include the following:

3/4 page not double spaced 400 words

Write as if you were the teacher, speaking about ME as a student in your class.

Recommendation is coming from media 1 teacher, in a few sentences explain the objective of our class (the class is a joke but dont make it seem so).

In the next 400 words, speak about how I was involved in discussions and brought up points that completely changed the course of our class disccussion. i was always proactive, asking questions that would fall deeper into the subject we were studying. the class is not always focused on topic but when I was able to derail our teacher from spewing crap, he was adament about answering my questions. Please include how dilligent of a worker I was, and more things teachers would like. Please refer to the internet on how to write a successful recommendation from the teachers view. Thank you in advance, please notify me if you have ANY QUESTIONS, i would love to help.

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