read chapter 4 and write summary and create discussion questions

Read Chapter 4 of Pfaff, John. Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration—and How to Achieve Real Reform. BasicBooks, 2017.

This assignment includes:

  • Writing a summary of the assigned text or media (see instructions below).
  • Compiling a minimum of 6 discussion board questions for your assigned text

Discussion Leader 300-word Summary: You will write a 300-word summary on the text/media chosen for your discussion leader assignment (see above). The purpose of these summaries is to ensure that you have read the arguments closely and are prepared to lead the group’s discussion. Because of the academic nature of many of the assigned readings, I recommend that you read the text multiple times before attempting to summarize its essential arguments. Start by skim reading the entire text to get a feel for its structure and content. Then continue with a close reading, paying extra attention to the finer subtleties in the text. It is very important that you write concisely! Choose your words carefully and don’t waste space with unnecessary verbiage. Please do not provide an introduction, conclusion, your own opinions or the opinions of other authors. You will get the opportunity to do that later. Instead, simply give a short summary of the main arguments AND the reasoning supporting them according to your reading of the text. If possible, your summary should closely follow the structural layout of the text. A good summary reflects the ability of the student to sharply and insightfully condense the text’s essential meaning and structure within the 300-word limit. To do this, you will have to get a good feel of the flow of the argument, distinguish the essential from the inessential, and write in a clear and economical way. Please include a WORD COUNT at the beginning of each summary.

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