DO NOT SUBMIT INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT WORK. ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE CHECKED, WILL NOT PAY FOR BAD WORKDIRRECTIONS AS FOLLOWED:Plan for Remote Practicum in Physical ADULT RehabilitationHours to be completed through remote projects: 50APA FORMAT, PROPER CITATIONS, REFERENCE PAGES, ZERO PLAGARISM I WILL CHECK. MUST KEEP DETAILED TIME LOGS OF ALL WORK AND FOLLOW GUIDELINES PEREFECTLY FOR FULL CREDITGuidelines:All remote work must relate directly to the APIED process in Recreational Therapy.All remote work must relate directly to the NCTRC Job Analysis and Knowledge areas ( REVIEWED JOURNALS STUDIES AND ARTICLESASSIGNMENTs:1. Student will keep a detailed time log of how time is spent; ie, 3 hours researching… and must complete 50 hours worth of projects as listed below !!!!2. Rsearch and write Intervention Protocols for the interventions listed below.The expectation is that you research the intervention design for the physical rehabilitation population. Your protocol may have to identify/limit the program to specific populations based on your research. The research should be done using the NTL Learning Commons. Please make sure all research is from peer reviewed journals. List all references in APA format. You will then write the protocol based on the research. See attached outline and sample for the Intervention Protocol. Each completed protocol to the level expected will be worth 20 hours.Leisure Education (required)Community Reintegration (required)Social SkillsADDITONAL REQUIREMENTS:For protocols, as appropriate, create 4 week activity plans/program plans/session plans/scripts, etc. Create these in such a way that a therapist can pick them up and run your program exactly as described. Each 4 week activity plan will be worth 5 hours if completed as expected.Or Create a Resource Guide for online leisure activities, e.g. museum tours, zoo live cams, relaxation sessions, yoga workouts, etc. that are relevant to the population. Describe how they can be used therapeutically with goals/outcomes. Include a description of services and how to access them. Worth 5 hours.MUST COMPLETE PROPERLY FOR FULL CREDIT. SEE PDF FOR EXAMPLES OF HOW BOTH SHOULD BE WRITTEN.

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