question below 29

Use extensive data from a wide range of periodicals and other respected resources include relevant information and factual source( 2000 words)

1- Industry Analysis

2- Market Potential

3- Source Markets

4- Threats to the industry

5- Opportunities and incentives to enter the industry

1- Global industry analysis and trends (Fast-food restaurants industry)

Trends in the fast food restaurant industry (Rank in the world, market size, growth rate..etc.) quantitative and qualitative data

The industry analysis in Costa Rica and in the international industry

How much is the industry accounted for in term of global economy

2- Costa Rican fast food restaurant market potential (Market Opportunity)

Market size, growth rate, and trends

Fast-food target market in Costa Rica: the local market and tourist market if applicable

Industry specific market potential indicators

Competitive advantage of Costa Rica so that fast-food investment can take advantage of

Reasons why Costa Rica is good place to open a fast food restaurant (prove with data and stats)

3- Source Markets

Industry trends in Supply and Demand in local market (Costa Rica) and International

Trends in supply and demand (quantitative and qualitative data)

4- Threats to the Industry in Costa Rica

5- Opportunities and incentives to enter the industry in Costa Rica

Include opportunities and threats table (point form)

must use current 10 years sources

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