psychology 2 questions

Question 1- I have enclosed a sample peer critique, the patient is sam a suicidal patient that suffers from post partum depression. 2 pages words. I enclosed sample.

After you’ve met with your partner and recorded the therapeutic video revisit this week, you will complete a two to three-page written analysis of the interaction (excluding the title and APA reference pages).

You should critique (1) your partner as the therapist, and then (2) a brief description of your perspective as the client based on the therapy provided during this video revisit.

For the critique of your partner as therapist, look the Basic Counselling Skills Rubric. You will look at the “Basic Counseling Skills Rubric” for examples of what to include and structure your written critique (scoring within your critique is NOT necessary). Refer directly to the video to support the points within your critique. For your brief description of your perspective as the client, what were helpful aspects of the session? What was unhelpful? Describe.

Question 2 – please follow instructions below and choose one of the case studies answer must be 650 words with 2 in text citations within the last 5 years.

Choose feminist, narrative or solution-focus therapy to address one of the case studies below. What is the reasoning behind your choice? Site two sources to support your choice.

case 1 – Vashti is a 42-year-old African American woman, a divorced mother of two; recently passed over for tenure at major academic institution after ten years; reports low energy, decreased appetite and tearfulness. Her story is filled with discrimination and rejection.

case 2 – Chet is a 17-year old Caucasian American male, who resides in a post-detention residential facility; a history of physical abuse, homelessness, and early exposure to the use and selling of drugs. He recently passed the GED exam, has strong communication skills and an interest in becoming a writer. Chet is open to a life change but afraid his past will cause challenges that will prevent the changes he desires.

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