Psy 230

Question 1:  

Chapter 7 discussed how children from the ages of 3 to 6 develop physically and cognitively. Analyze how children in the preschool stage will change both physically and cognitively.  How are these physical and cognitive changes different from the ones children experienced during the infancy period?

Pick a particular problem that children may struggle with during their physical or cognitive development.  Share with the class what you have learned about this particular struggle. Include any research, observation, or additional analysis you would like to share in your posting.

Question 2:  

In Chapter 8, you have read about the different kinds of play styles that preschool children engage in and the different types of parenting styles parents use to raise their children.  Think about how your parents or guardians raised you. Did you feel their parenting style was effective? Why or why not? What parenting style(s) do you feel is most effective in raising children?

What have you learned about the different types of play that children engage in? Include any research, observations or additional analysis you would like to share in your posting.  

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